Small Flower rosette - $21.00 each
Small Flower rosette with printed tail - $26.00 each

Medium Flower rosettes - $33.00 each
Medium Flower rosettes with printed tail - $38.00 each

Large Flower rosette - $43.00 each
Large Flower rosette with printed tail - $48.00 each


Medium size - $100.00 each

Medium size with printed tail - $105.00 each

Flower rosettes can come with a velcro or hook backing.

Order of 4 to 8 garlands and/or flower rosettes receive a 5% discount on an order.

Order 9 garlands and/or flower rosettes receive a 10% discount on an order.

All flower rosettes come with a little bit of a embellishments as finishing touches to the garland (eg. diamantes, pearl beads, etc.).  A lot of thought and details go into each garland that is created.

Please allow approximately 3 months to create your order as some products can take up to 4-5 weeks to arrive to me.  However most only take 3 weeks.  Please remember that I am only able to make garlands outside my main job work hours.

Postage is not included. I only charge what the post office or courier charges me.

Extras for Flower Rosettes:-
Extra bling - $15.00 per flower rosette

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