Normal size - $100.00

Large size - $135.00

Prestige size - $150.00

Grand Prix size - $185.00

Normal size - $100.00


Extras for Premium Range:-
Lights - $20.00 per garland

Extras for Standard or Premium Range:-
Extra bling - $30.00 per garland
Double extra bling - $60.00 per garland
Extra length to fit heavy breeds, etc - $30.00 per garland
Ribbon rosette - $15.00 per garland (excludes Premium Range Grand Prix size garland)
Plaque - $15.00 per garland (excludes Premium Range Grand Prix size garland)
Large Ribbon rosette - $20.00 per garland (Premium Range Grand Prix size garland only)
Large Plaque - $20.00 per garland (Premium Range Grand Prix size garland only)

2022 SPONSORSHIP FOR EVENTS NOW CLOSED.  SPONSORSHIP FOR 2023 WILL OPEN IN JULY 2022.                                                                                                         If you are seeking possible sponsorship for an event please contact Jordan with details of the event.  This is when Jordan plans sponsorship for the the new year.  Please understand that there is a limited budget for sponsorship.  

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